I'm not sure I should even apply based on my current situation ie. income, repos, just moved from Out of State, ID, temp service job. Regardless, we are here to clear some, if not all of your questions before you call or come out.

What's the Point in Applying, I'll get denied, right?

Everyone is cautious when applying for a vehicle after they've had a few repos, or fresh repo at that, previous bankruptcy, divorce, loss of job, medical bills hitting the credit bureau, it's understandable.

This is why we are here, to help you through the car buying process with peace of mind before coming out. Hopefully this will help clear up any an all questions or concerns you may have when trying to finance a vehicle within the "Buy Here Pay Here" industry. Here are just a few examples:

 I work for a Staffing / Temp Agency, can I stil finance a vehicle with you guys?

  • Yes, but you must be there to recieve your first pay check stub, even if your short on hours, however down payment overcomes certain situations.

I just Started my job, can I apply for financing?

  • Yes, but you must have a legit and verifiable JOB with check stubs and proof of where you are cashing your checks, if no bank account shows consistent deposits.

I get Paid Cash, can I still Apply with you all?

  • Yes, if you have bank statements showing consistent cash deposits reflecting the money you say you make or deposited, or proof of where you deposit the money in general, cash apps, paypal, venmo etc.

My spouse or co-applicant works in another city or state, can I use his information to obtain financing being he/she will be paying for the vehicle?

  • No, both of the applicants must work and live in the DFW Metroplex, with solid proof of residence such as a lease agreement or bills or mail in general proving their residence within the past 30 days, especially if the applicant has a Out of State DL, we definitely want to see solid proof of residence. ( NO OUT OF STATE ID CARDS OR LOUISIANA CREDENTIALS )

 Can I finance a vehicle with SSI / SSD income only?

  • Yes, as long as the income is above $1800 a month verified by an award letter and bank statements or a debit card in which the money is deposited on (Any Tier Vehicle) However, we can combine a spouses or co applicants income, part time job income or job letter based on certain job industries.

 I wonder if I come in with "FAKE" pay check stubs, can I finance a vehicle with them?

  • No, your not the first to try it nor would you be the last one, this isn't our first rodeo with this type of scenario. The "Under Writting Department" will call to verify you actually work at the company you supposedly work for via a "Land Line" versus a Cell Phone you might put down, to be called and verified. They will even go as far as requesting bank statements showing deposits matching the check amounts you bring in, if they want to ensure stable work/job history with the company. Although, money down talks, right vehicle, can be the exception on a case by case basis.

 I don't think I make enough money to finance a car, what is the minimum Income guidelines for a bare minimum approval?

  • $1800 a month is a bare minimum starting point for monthly income to finance a vehicle with us.

I don't have a Texas Drivers License, can I still finance a vehicle?

  •  Yes, as long as you have a Valid Texas Identification Card or Out of State Drivers License (expired within 12 months, this is still a GO for us. Valid passport is acceptable as well. However, out of state credentials require solid POR to be approved as well as out of country passports.

I don't live in the DFW Metroplex, can I still finance a vehicle with yall?

  • Yes, You Must live and work within a 82 mile radius of the DFW metroplex and or Dallas area.

I get paid Bi-Weekly, but want to do Monthly payments only or preferably, can I?

  • No, we must set your contract and payments up according to your pay schedule ie semi-monthly, bi-weekly and or monthly if you are paid in sucg frequency. The only way to overcome this, is by paying an extra payment when your bi-weekly car note is due, therefore setting your payments up every 4 weeks versus every 2 weeks, creating a little nest egg for your payment schedule.

I have an "Open Auto Loan" in my name that is current/behind on payments, can you guys finance me another?

  • Yes, we deal with Open Auto loans on a daily basis, so this is not a deal breaker with us nor will it stop us from selling/financing you another one. Either prove someone else is paying on the vehicle or income needs to exceed $2500 net, but each deal is a case by case basis.

Do I have to get Full Coverage Insurance before I roll off the Lot?

  •  No, we offer CPI policies which is also know as "In House Insurance" for those who cannot afford Full Coverage upfront after dropping their down payment money. This is a Collateral Insurance Policy which covers the vehicle itself and does not subsitute the fact you will need Liability on top of this poilcy to be street legal with Law Enforcement. This policy costs $50 extra on top of your down payment to acquire a policy like this. For bi-weekly paying customers, it runs $50.00 per pay payment date and $108 for monthly contracted customers

Do you guys Offer any kind of Warranty?

  • Yes, we offer Powertrain Warranty which covers your heater/AC. engine, drivetrain and transmission, 1 year/12,000 miles, whichever hits first, along with a $100 deductible no matter the warranty bill.

I have "2 Repos," can I still finance with your dealership?

  • Yes, the norm is 1 or 2 repos with the general public, however there are some cases where the applicant may had 3+ repos popping up, that's fine, we can still work with the applicant who may have 3+ repos with a minimum of $1500+ down upfront. Repo should have been kept longer than 12 months each, if less down payment will be doubled.

I'am 18 years old, can I still finance a car with you guys?

  • Yes, however the minimum down payment for someone under 18 years old is $1000 all upfront based on your youth and lack of stability being an issue from the get go. Yes, we can even offer the In House Insurance policy known as CPI regardless of your age.

The Vehicle I am wanting or looking at on the website requires a minimum of "X" amount upfront, can I do half now and the other half in a few days, weeks or next pay period?

  • No, the minimum down payment is set in place per Owner/Management, however we can defer up to $300 but not more on select units, unless you are solid on stability, then the exception to the rule can be over rode. Lay Away plans available on select units, usually good for 30 days or within the same business month, the applicant has been approved within.

I need my payments around, near, under or below $200 - $300 a month, can yall do payments that cheap/low?

  • No, the starting point for payments is $350 and work their way upwards from there. Occassionaly we can offer $350 - $400 on select unit(s). Average payment is $440.

If I am approved with your dealership, can you go out and find the vehicle I want or can you get it from another dealer?

  • No, we can only pull inventory from our chain of dealerships only, nor can we go get a specific car, truck or suv from the Auction House.

 Can I use my tax paperwork from last year or even this year as proof of income to finance a vehicle?

  • No, we need current check stubs and or bank statements within the past 30 days reflecting consistent money being deposited/cashed

Is there a "Early Payoff Penalty" associated with your vehicles?

  • No, you can pay off your vehicle as early or when first payment hits. Simple interest loan here.

Can I trade my vehicle back in to upgrade?

  • Yes, but that can only take place as early as your 24 month into your contract with us, in addition to good and current standing on your payments.

I don't make enough by myself to finance a vehicle, can I use my mom, dad, brother, sister or family member as a Co-Applicant to go on the loan with me?

  • Yes, as long as they live in the same household as you, with matching mail/bills in their name to accompany your proof of residence, they can co buy for you. Co buyer can only be a spouse/significant other, mom or dad.

If I have a larger down payment than requested or advertised on a particular vehicle and I don't live in the area, will yall still finance me?

  • No, regardless of your down payment, you must live within a 82 mile radius of the DFW Metroplex. ( Management Exceptions )

I have a "Out of State Identification Card," can I still apply?

  •  Yes, you must have a Valid State Identification Card and solid POR upon knocking out the application in person

Do you live and work within a 82 mile radius of the Dallas/Fort Worth Area? If not, then NO you would not be able to apply for a vehicle with us. You must live and work in the area, which includes the occasional Oil Field workers and Active Duty Military Personnel as well. Automatic denial on Out of State Applicants whom do not reside within the DFW metroplex.

If you are self-employed you must have bank statements showing consistent deposits for the past 30 days and or receipts from checks cashed providing a paper trail on what you actually bring home.

Do you have more than 3 repossessions? If so, we have financed individuals with 3+ repos, but with a minimum of $1500 down all upfront on select units.