Here Is What You Need to Bring with You

 - Must have a TX License, TX ID, Valid Passport, and or EXPIRED within 12 months at time of application is OK too. Official DMV print out will suffice for an applicant who barely switched over their DL or ID to Texas, is acceptable.

 - Must have a Social Security Card and or know your Social or Tax I.D. number (ITN#) Passport applicants from out of country can still finance with us, despite not having a social secuirty or ITIN number.

 - Must have (POI) proof of income

  • recent have check stubs within 30 days; and or bank statements showing deposits within 30 days and 90 days on self employed applicants; SSI/Disability award letter; copies of checks paid to you in your name applicable to contractors must be accompanied with reciepts showing where they have been cashed; child support award letters. Yes we can combine incomes within the same household, however co buyer must be a spouse, gf/bf, same sex marriage spouse, mom or dad.
  • minimum income accepted should exceed $1,600

 - Must have (POR) proof of residence

  • recent bills; utility bills and or mail showing your name and current address, copy of lease will suffice as well, all post marked mail or bills sent to you within the past 30 days at time of application, exceptions are case by case basis. Solid POR is needed on applicants with Out of state identification. If living with another person, we will accept their lease or utility bill and a piece of mail with reflecting same address as bill/lease within 30 days brought to us

 - Must have 5 references

  • individuals who are used as references must not reside within the same household as applicant
  • references must have valid contact phone numbers and current city and state where they reside

 - Must have Down Payment at time of Purchase

  • we accept debit card and cash (NO personal checks and temporary checks accepted) certified funds only
  • deferrals are a case by case basis based off Applicants Income and Manager discretion

 - Must Have Full Coverage Insurance before Driving off the Lot OR In House Insurance can be applied to ANY vehicles allowing (CPI).

  • policy must be "full coverage" NOT "liabilty" in order to NOT pay for the CPI policy
  • no excluded drivers on policy
  • minimum of a $500 deductible, $250 is more than acceptable
  • Declaration Page must be sent over from Insurance Company before taking delivery of vehicle, if not acquiring the CPI from us

- Must Live within and work within 90 miles of Dallas / Ft.Worth Metroplex


 Any questions or concerns or if you feel your situtation is unique just call or text

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